It has been way to long since I posted an update, and I am sorry ya’ll. It is just that I have been so busy with all the changes in the store, I just haven’t had time!
What changes you ask?

Well, to begin with Cousin Lee (many of ya’ll remember her from last summer) is home from her first year of college. She is holding down the front desk during the week so that I can try to wade through this mess. I am still trying to get through the 300+ unopened boxes of books. Nevertheless, I AM going to get them cataloged and on the shelves.

Also, I am proud to announce the Old Books on Front St. is now home to the largest Foreign Language selection in the region. We now offer over 1,000 books in more than 10 languages!!!!! Please tell all your ex-patriot friends looking for a good read. Need Agatha Christie in French or Japanese? Look no further! We have Harlequin Romances in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese!

In addition we have a new Mystery Thriller Book club that has formed. Check the calendar for times and contact info with the group.

The Del Zorros played here a while back and they made the Star News Site! Here is a link to the viedo:

Last, but not least, our big news: M. Glenn Taylor, author of the breakout novel Trenchmouth Taggart is coming to Old Books on Front St! How did we possibly get this highly sought after young author to darken our door you ask? Connections. It turns out he is the childhood friend of our long-time hero Meg Lansaw (filmmaker extraordinaire and all around astounding person!) Mr. Taylor has graciously agreed to give us a few hours of his time to sign books, read & chat. Please do not miss this amazing opportunity. This guy is the next Phillip Roth. You will kick yourself in a few years when you think back and say, I could have met him, I could have gotten his autograph.....

  1. A Wilmington Institution since 1982
  2. Buying Old Books: The ultimate Recycling
  3. Best African American Literature Selection in Town
  4. Extensive Foreign Language Section: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese
  5. The ONLY bookstore in town to deliver!
  6. Paperback Classics at affordable prices (Great for English classes!)
  7. Incredible Judaica Section
  8. Largest selection of scripts and Theatre/Film books in Town
  9. Where else are you going to find a first edition for under $10?
  10. Bibliophiles rock!