Coloring Stories for Conscious Children

Coloring Stories for Conscious Children is a collaborative artistic project resulting in two soft-cover coloring books including the artwork of Sullivan Dunn, Wendy Kowalski, Michal & Nikki Wisniowski, Michael Webster, Brian Sillman and the writing of Joel Finsel.

CSfCC began as an element of the Rated G exhibition at ERA Gallery in 2008. The artists hand-glued and silk-screened a sold out limited edition of 50 hand-constructed coloring books. This edition sold out, and due to the project's initial success, a second, soft-cover edition was planned and has evolved into two new volumes with the addition of a 6th story Sally's Not Scared. The new editions are both published by Nexus Press.

"A children's book for adults" and an "adult book for children", CSfCC is designed as a vehicle to foster dialogue between children and adults on topics like our hurried lives, pollution and fear.

Both meticulously designed volumes contain 3 different stories and are fully functional coloring books, including the characters: Susy Sunbeam, Rocco the Polar Bear, Casper Jasper Jumping Bean, Morty the Mushroom, and others.

To celebrate the unveiling of our new soft-cover volumes, we are hosting a reception/signing at Old Books on Front Street Sunday December 6th at 2pm.

Attached are images of the covers for both volumes I & II, as well as two sample inside pages

Thank you for your time and consideration and we hope you can make it.

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