Book Signing Patch of Dirt

02/05/2017 - 12:30

Richard Lutman is the author of PATCH OF DIRT: A Big Sky Romance Novel. PATCH OF DIRT reimagines and modernizes the mythology and fascination many readers have with the American Western frontier, often represented by both a barren landscape and a romanticized idealistic way of living with self-reliant, strong-willed men. His novel vividly captures a particular place and way of life, while also telling a modern story about heartache, hard knocks, and hope.

Everyone who preorders Patch of Dirt from Old Books or purchases it on the day of the signing will be entered in a raffle for a $25.00 gift card from the store.

Richard Lutman draws readers into a drama revolving around three broken souls and the people who abused or betrayed them.

A thirty-year-old womanizing drifter, Joe Oliver had never been further east than Bismarck or further west than Boise. His world was the ranches and plains of Montana. Yet sometimes, he yearned for something more than day after day of backbreaking work for low wages, and night after night of sitting in a bar to drink his troubles away, find a girl, and get laid. When he met Anna, a striking redhead with somber blue eyes, a long neck, and the grace and drive to make her dream of dancing on Broadway seem possible, he forgot his father’s warnings to never get too close to anyone. When Anna broke his heart, Joe knew his life would be filled with nothing but meaningless work, whiskey, and meaningless sex. Then, he walked smack into Rita and Frank Hill—a couple with tortured pasts of their own, murky ties to the mother who’d left him when he was seven, and a secret plan.

A 65-year-old veteran of the Vietnam War, with physical and psychological wounds, Frank Hill is the doting husband of 25-year-old Rita, a spitfire and a looker who knows what it’s like to be coveted, controlled, and consumed by men. Frank owns a nice little ranch—the kind of place Joe once dreamed about having and sharing—that, as he recently found, sits on oil. Suddenly rich, and about to get richer, Frank has the means to give Rita everything she wants—except a baby. So, he sets out to hire a stud. At first, Joe seems like the man the Hills have been looking for. No one expects Rita to have feelings for Joe—or for Joe to feel conflicted about sleeping with a woman for money. What happens before it all ends gets complicated by Rita’s possessive ex-lover and pimp, by Frank’s tormented bond with his ex-wife, and by Joe’s awakening ability to forgive one woman for rejecting him and another for abandoning him.
PATCH OF DIRT is the culmination of Richard Lutman’s life-long fascination with the American West. An Easterner, born in Rochester, NY, raised in Philadelphia, he did graduate work at Montana State University while also working at his cousin’s ranch.

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