Over Two Miles of Books + Four Feet of Beer = Utpoia

It has been a while since we have had good consistent blog posts. I am so sorry for this. In mid-July my lap top and my puppy, Hilda, had a collision during a thunderstorm. From then until the end of September we have been without a computer. Since I actually make my living as a writer, having a computer is, unfortunately, a necessary evil in our modern age. Furthermore, one cannot run a small business in this era without one. I wrote about this conundrum for my Live Local Column in Encore:
Though I had brokered a time-sharing agreement with Jock for getting the paying work finished on another word processor, I was not succeeding with getting website updates worked in there.
But the good news is we have saved up some money and finally acquired a new computer, his name is Hastings. (Agatha Christie fans will understand the reference.)
So we are trying to get back to regular blog posts and we plan to resurrect both the Sister Store Sundays and the Tantalizing Tuesdays. But in the meantime everyone here at the bookstore was very, very busy with the group effort of applying for a beer and wine license. We are very excited to introduce our Literary Themed Beer and Wine offerings which include Writer’s Block Wine, Poet Stout, and Oberon Ale (among many others). We are changing our “Over Two Miles of Books” tag line to include “Four Feet of Beer.”
Now that everyone is back from summer vacation we are busy filling up the calendar with events!
Check it out: http://www.oldbooksonfrontst.com/event/2013/10/02/month
Besides book clubs, readings and special events, every Tuesday night we have LitProv, every Wednesday is Stitch n’ Bitch, and every Saturday is Open Mic Nite!
Even more coming up – we would really love to see you and we promise that now that Hastings is here we will get back to business as normal.

  1. A Wilmington Institution since 1982
  2. Buying Old Books: The ultimate Recycling
  3. Best African American Literature Selection in Town
  4. Extensive Foreign Language Section: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese
  5. The ONLY bookstore in town to deliver!
  6. Paperback Classics at affordable prices (Great for English classes!)
  7. Incredible Judaica Section
  8. Largest selection of scripts and Theatre/Film books in Town
  9. Where else are you going to find a first edition for under $10?
  10. Bibliophiles rock!