Tantilizing Tuesdays: Diane Ledet!

Welcome to our third installment of “Tantilizing Tuesdays: Reviewer Spotlights!” on the blog. The idea is that starting in June every Tuesday we would run a Q &A with book review blogger about their work. We are only asking reviewers whose work we respect and who promote/have affiliate relationships with Independent Bookstores. Hopefully it will produce some new exposure for the reviewer and maybe become a venue for sharing what is working in independent publishing and bookselling.
This week we are talking with Diane Ledet of http://bookwinked.wordpress.com/, a wonderful review blog! She was kind enough to answer our questions about the reviewer life:


OBOFS: How did your book review blog come about?

DL: I am a writer who, in following the cardinal rule of writing, decided to write about what I know. I know and love books so that is how Bookwinked came into being.

OBOFS: What has been the best surprise to come from it?

DL:I am most surprised that so many people around the world read my work!

OBOFS: What 3 books do you wish you had never wasted your time with?

DL: The Paperbark Shoe, White Truffles in Winter, The Honey Thief

OBOFS: What 3 books are beyond stunning for you?

dl: Garden of Last Days, Let the Great World Spin, Love and Shame and Love

OBOFS: What are you reading right now that you can’t put down?

DL: Just read The Golem and the Jinni - could not put that book down!

OBOFS: What would you like writers to know about working with reviewers?

DL: Be open to suggestions made by reviewers and take the good with the bad, but not too personally. As in anything, everyone has different criteria they look for when reviewing a book.

OBOFS: What would you like readers to know about the reviewing experience?

DL: Personally, I approach every book I read with an open mind. I try to find the good in every book I review. I love my work!

OBOFS: Why did you decide to support Indies with your blog?

DL: So many people are self-publishing their work. I am happy to help them market it with a review. I do not however, color my opinions in my reviews just because I offered to read and review an Indie book

OBOFS: What would you like the public to know about that decision?

DL: I think it is important to help authors to get their work out there. It is not easy!

OBOFS: Where do you want your blog to be in 1 year?

DL: I'd like to have a larger following, but it's not about that to me. My blog is founded on sharing books I believe are well-written.

5 years? - Just hope to be going strong in five years!

Diane Ledet

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