Spring Brings Good News About Fathers, Books & Clyde Edgerton

Spring is here and things are looking better. That might sound like an odd way to start a blog update, but 2013 got off to a pretty bad start. January was all about Daddy’s poor health. February was just bleak. It felt like being trapped in a marathon that would never end. Then in March the tide began to turn very slowly, just a little. Now in May Daddy is stable, my foot/ankle issues are moving in a good direction, my writing work is going well - very excited to work with Salt, the WHQR Commentaries are a dream realized, and of course I love, love, love getting to be part of Encore! Thank you so much for all that being possible. The big news for me is of course that my novel has been signed for representation by an agent! Very big and exciting news for any aspiring young novelist! Now I can dream about re-writes…. Things are growing in a good direction at the bookstore - the film industry is back and spending money with us as well as with other small businesses in town. We have gotten some of our bigger hurtles leaped, some of our smaller projects accomplished, and we have a plan for the rest. So here we are. The book clubs are wonderful. The Going Green Book Club is solid. The Wilmington F.A.V.’s Spiritual Book is growing. If you would like to join either book club - we would love to see you. Lots of information about both can be found on the website or the face book page.

We are very excited that Clyde Edgerton has agreed to let us host his book launch this Tuesday at 7:30 PM. This is a particularly exciting event for us. Everyone who works at the store is a fan of Clyde’s. I first became interested in his work when Opera House Theatre Co. did Walking Across Egypt. Much that I love Raney and Killer Diller, Walking Across Egypt remains my favorite of his books. For Seth it must be Lunch at The Piccadilly because he grins every time he mentions it.

If you haven’t had the experience of attending a reading by Clyde I highly recommend you make room on your calendar for this event. He has a wonderful stage presence that can at times be almost hypnotic. Though we see so much of him through his books, the experience of the multitude of interests and information that he brings to his work is exciting to hear him talk about. With a twinkle in his eye and a Robert Redford grin on his face, it is hard not to be charmed by his presence. Please, make time on your calendar for this event. If you need a little more incentive, you can kill two birds with one stone, and plan to pick up an autographed copy of the book for the special man in your life for Father’s Day; thereby getting a special memory for you and a unique gift for dad. Hope to see you here!

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