Musings on Forgotten NC Author….

Does anyone remember Frank Slaughter? Did you know he grew up North Carolina and graduated from Duke? His books were on the best seller lists for years - but almost nobody reads him anymore. We literally have yards and yards of his books in the store - mostly we rent them out to movie sets to fill book shelves.

But it makes me sad to think about the authors were are loosing who are falling out of the cannon, as it were. I spend a lot of time preaching the Good Word about Helen MacInnes, my favorite espionage writer. But so many writers who were once staples of reading community are disappearing. Today Slaughter provides an interesting record of the hows and whys of the medical world from the 1940's onward. It is worth reading his books just to see how much the approach to health care has changed in the last generations. He wrote about medicine both the science of it and the human distractions of it. One of the more interesting aspects of his writing is that during the course of his career he used his books to introduce his readership to the breakthroughs that were timely in medicine. An avid historian he also depicted the evolution of medicine featuring doctors working in realistic conditions for different time periods - especially biblical settings.

It is a shame that his books are being forgotten, but perhaps Seth hit on the problem while we were shelving together one day: "I don't feel so good about having a doctor with a name like Slaughter."

If you'd like to check him out we would love to introduce you to his work. Please come by the bookstore and see us!

Here is a link to his NY Times Obituary:

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