A great book I can't wait to sell!

I get asked to read people's books all the time, it's just part of owning a bookstore. At a neighborhood meeting a few weeks ago one of my favorite neighbors, Rich Leder, an accomplished screen writer, mentioned he had a novel. Would I read it? Sure, I’d love to, but it might take a while, I have a lot on my plate.

"Great, I'll bring it by the store," he responded.

I keep three or four different books in progress at the bookstore for those times when I'm not helping customers and we have too many people in the store to work on a big project. Practically everyone who works here does the same thing. So Rich's manuscript rotated into that pile. Titled "Workman's Complication" it is a wonderful mystery novel. I was surprised that Rich's main character was female - it is so hard to write good characters of the opposite gender and though it toke him a little while to grasp her voice, a third of the way through he nailed it! Her voice and her psychology were convincing - I’m a woman, and I believed her.

But the two biggest compliments to Workman’s Complication (from me) are:

1. I was making dinner one night, after I had read about 2/3rds of the book, and heard myself ask, "I wonder who the killer is? It must be someone we have met by now..." Ticking through the characters in my head I couldn't figure out who it would be... Without spoiling the end I will say that when I did read the big revealing scene I was stunned at the identity of the killer! But looking back I saw all the seeds Rich had carefully planted along the way. It was really skillfully put together.

2. When I was fifty pages form the end I couldn’t put it down. My relief had arrived at the bookstore and it was time for me to go pick up my dad. Instead of leaving the book until the next day, I took it home with me because I just couldn't wait to read the rest. That's the sign of a good book.

There were so many ridiculous characters that were hard not love. I genuinely laughed out loud, (thankfully people who browse bookstores are a pretty forgiving crowd!) I just can't wait to read the next one in the series.

But here's the kicker: this book isn't published yet. Rich is still shopping it around! It will be a lucky publisher that gets this gem. But for us, at Old Books on Front St., the best part is he has already promised that we can host his launch party for the book! I can't wait for either the launch or the sequel. Stay tuned, as soon as we have good news about Workman’s Complication we will let you know!

But in the meantime you can reach Rich directly here: http://richlederscreenwritingcoach.com/buzz.html
He’s a fabulous screenwriter and that, especially, came through in his novel through snappy dialog and truly cinematic fight scenes.

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