Clapton Vs. The Roof

Owning an independent bookstore in this day and age never ceases to be exciting, at least for me. But perhaps my idea of excitement is a little different from other people’s. I started thinking about this last night at the Literacy Council fundraiser when someone asked me abut “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll! - what were you doing at 23, 24?” Well, I was already traveling with Jock - which was wonderful and created some lasting memories - unlike most of the afore mentioned pleasures which I remember very little of…. These days my excitement isn’t about seeing Clapton live (did it - he obviously didn’t want to be there), but more about the important things in life: the roof leak. I woke up today thrilled- just thrilled! It was our third day of sun in a row - which meant that the roof was dried out enough to fix the roof leak! We had a chair land on the roof and bounce - which gouged a hole in the hydro-stop. Now, you really only discover a roof leak when it rains - and you really can’t fix a roof leak until it stops raining. Whether you realize it or not - water is a topic that is taken VERY VERY seriously in a bookstore. It’s been fun playing musical buckets (more fun that seeing Clapton live, actually). But I am just SO incredibly grateful and thankful that Jock and Seth got up on the roof today and patched their little hearts out! Thank you to both o you very, very much.
In spite of the stress of addressing the constant problems that arise with historic buildings - both from age and from acute injury (like the flying chair incident), we couldn’t ask for a more wonderful location. Even though he’s not really into saying romantic things,(or writing chart topping hit songs about how much he loves and needs me) few things really say “I love you” like climbing on a roof and hauling patching compound up by the bucketful when you could be at home drinking a beer and playing with the dogs. So thank you, sweetheart. Thank you very much.

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