Chaos Dateline: The Holidays

So, our first Retail Holiday Season is drawing to a close. To say we have learned a lot is, I think, the understatement of the year. The push to re-organization continues: we will close on Jan. 3rd to replace the south wall of bookshelves. At this time we plan to reopen the 17th of January. (We hope it will be sooner!) To all you allergy sufferers out there, you will be happy to know that we are also going to steam clean the carpets after the new shelves are installed. As many of you know, there are approx 300 boxes of books in storage that I have never even seen. In an effort to get some of those books catalogued and on the shelves, we will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in January, February and March. (Though if you see something in the window you need, or you happen to be passing by, I will be happy to take a sanity break to chat!) As I type this Jock and Mother are picking up my big holiday gift: Folding Chairs! Now why would a perfectly healthy 27th year old want 20 folding chairs, you may well ask? Because we are going to start having events in the spring. We will have regular story times, poetry readings, open mic nights and much, much more! I promise full details in the New Year. Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported us this first, crazy year. If I weren’t so long winded I could say something meaningful and beautiful, but instead, I’ll just say thank you, very, very much.

  1. A Wilmington Institution since 1982
  2. Buying Old Books: The ultimate Recycling
  3. Best African American Literature Selection in Town
  4. Extensive Foreign Language Section: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese
  5. The ONLY bookstore in town to deliver!
  6. Paperback Classics at affordable prices (Great for English classes!)
  7. Incredible Judaica Section
  8. Largest selection of scripts and Theatre/Film books in Town
  9. Where else are you going to find a first edition for under $10?
  10. Bibliophiles rock!