It happened!

Today we exchanged checks and keys with Mr. Daughtry. When I met my parents in front of the lawyer’s office I gave mother a hug and said “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!” She grinned and shaking her head replied “Really! I can’t believe it’s really happening.” Mr. D. closed the door to the store at 1 PM today to meet with us. At 2 PM we unlocked the doors and turned on the lights. This is a real shift for everyone. Mother lives at warp speed: she can’t sit still and usually does 4 things at once starting at dawn and going till the wee hours of the night. Her shock to discover that she had to sit still and wait for things to happen was a sight to behold. Daddy however, is in his element. He is happy to relax, talk when people want to talk and read a book when they want to be left alone. The highlight of the day for me was meeting Tony Orlando, a man who appreciates good cartography! Thank you very, very much Mr. Daughtry, for making our dreams come true – you are one in a million.

  1. A Wilmington Institution since 1982
  2. Buying Old Books: The ultimate Recycling
  3. Best African American Literature Selection in Town
  4. Extensive Foreign Language Section: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese
  5. The ONLY bookstore in town to deliver!
  6. Paperback Classics at affordable prices (Great for English classes!)
  7. Incredible Judaica Section
  8. Largest selection of scripts and Theatre/Film books in Town
  9. Where else are you going to find a first edition for under $10?
  10. Bibliophiles rock!