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The Big R!

Just in case you don’t know – the missing letter in the fiction puzzle was R! and now it is on the shelves. This does not mean fiction is finished - or perfectly alphabetized – however it does mean that all the letters are on the shelves! What a cause for celebration. American Studies is also making great strides. Not to mention archeology and anthropology, western history, and the long awaited Gardening Section have made it to the shelves!!!! Big things are happening!

Did we mention that we also have gift certificates available? Just in time for the holidays.

Chaos Dateline: College, the alphabet and shelving

The Angels of “B” & “W” are off to their Ivy League colleges! We wish them well with a reminder to NEVER run a bar tab on a credit card. “The Nini” has emerged to help with the never ending alphabetizing project and we couldn’t be more grateful for her generosity! Thanks to Jock for bookshelf repair work and for building a new book case for the letter “D”. As a result of everybody’s hard work we now have fiction A-L and T-Z shelved! Also check out our new sections for non fiction:

Why are books important?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately as I personally handle close to 75,000 books (our current estimate of inventory). For those of you who don’t know, Daddy is a Former Chair of the New Hanover County Public Library Board. We are a family of bibliophiles who have always treasured learning and access to information. So for the last couple of months while immersed in this chaos trying to organize the store I have been thinking a lot about why books are so necessary to a civilized society.

This chaos brought to you by the letters “W” & “B”

The online catalog will be temporarily down for the duration of our “reorganization”. We are attempting to find order in the chaos. Two angels have emerged who show up and alphabetize for hours then leave with stacks of books and bellies full of good Thai food. As Ms. Parker (The Angel of W) said the other day – why am I having dreams where I am strangely drown to books with author’s names beginning with W?

Closing early & Opening later

On Monday, June 25, 2007 we will close around 5 PM-ish and we will open at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, June 26, 2007. This is a change from our scheduled hours of closing at 7 PM and opening at 10 AM (M-Sat.). However, as many of you know I have a broken foot, which has seriously limited any ability to pick up heavy boxes of books or attempt to straighten or catalog. On Monday 3 lovely angels have agreed to move my secretary desk into the store and out of our dining room and to make some of the necessary housekeeping happen.

“Book people are the best people”

You really do meet the nicest people in this store. My day started off with Jenny and her dad coming by with books – they always have lovely books in great condition and a good hugs! Then a wonderful family from Ontario showed up and I saw one of my favorite things: parenting! Dad conducted a wonderful math lesson that began with “Which is a better deal?

Bookselling is not for the light of heart - or weak of foot.

We will be opening at 11 AM tomorrow because the only appointment I can get with the Orthopedist about my "cataloging casualty" (see previous entry) conflicts with our opening time.(10 AM) So in the long term interest of recovering my ability to walk, we will open an hour late. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

Let the cataloging begin!

Ta-da! I have one entire bookcase cataloged online and alphabetized on the shelves! The longest journey begins with one step. Unfortunately in my case that step was falling off a ladder while trying to get at the pile of “A’s” (fiction by author’s last name) on top of a bookcase. So now I have a broken left foot and will be grounded from hauling books and from ladders for a few days. However, there is one beautiful, shiny bookcase that has over half the “A’s”!

It happened!

Today we exchanged checks and keys with Mr. Daughtry. When I met my parents in front of the lawyer’s office I gave mother a hug and said “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!” She grinned and shaking her head replied “Really!

Welcome to the new Old Books on Front St. site!

Welcome to our new web site! We are currently finishing up a few things here and will be done shortly. Have a great day and please subscribe to our newsletter!

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